Top Italian singers of today

Who are the most popular Italian singers today? Who are the singers who are more successful in Italy and abroad?

  1. Marco Mengoni, two days ago won the MTV Music Award as “the best Italian artist of 2015”. Marco Mengoni has a beautiful voice, but Our opinion is not positive for him, is a melodic music too
  2. Emma Marrone is another young Italian singer, has become very popular, after participating in the TV show “Friends”, a talent scout, then he took part in Sanremo and won. Emma is beautiful, nice, young, has a powerful voice, but she did not really like, because her voice – for Our opinion – no personality.

    Italian singers of today
    Italian singers of today
  3. Tiziano Ferro, is that we like the most, among the young singers,. Titian has a huge talent, sings very well ritm’n blues, but what leaves everyone is amazed that Tiziano Ferro, is also an author of great music. In the last two years, Tiziano Ferro managed to write songs that have been very successful, songs sung by young singers.
  4. Eros Ramazzotti: is no longer young, 52 years ago, and has been extremely successful during his career. Eros became famous also abroad, especially in South America and in all Europe, but now they are 3 or 4 years old who can not sell as many records before, certainly because of so much competition. Concerts of Eros, however, have fun and still be so public.
  5. Il Volo: is an Italian boy band of three boys of about 20 years .. singing opera music. These three guys are not real singers of opera, though it must be said that this type of singing standards very well. They are songs that Italy had long that they no longer felt, and we think that a band so he can be more successful abroad than in Italy




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